Dr. Amanda Stanec

Patient Leader

I'm a mum and a partner to a great guy. At Move Live Learn, LLC I bring the sport, physical education, health, and wellness communities together in order to take a comprehensive approach to solving current problems that keep people from living life to their fullest potential. Moreover, every project is approached with a social justice lens so that individuals with disabilities, those who live in poverty, those who are newcomers - along with others - are never an after thought. The goal is to develop the best programs, curriculum, infrastructure and policy to support individuals in developing physical literacy.


Best Kept Secret

Amanda is a champion for physical literacy and activity as part of a comprehensive approach to health. Her work on inclusive physical activity programs for individuals who live with disabilities, newcomers, those who live in poverty is groundbreaking. She also donates services/fund raises for a non-profit that builds accessible playgrounds.  — Amy

Dr. Amanda Stanec

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