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My name is Maggie Baldwin, and I have a YouTube channel that focuses on supporting those with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and ostomy bags. Through my journey with my disease, I have become a registered nurse working on a GI unit with IBD patients. I feel fortunate enough to use my experiences to better the lives of those with this disease through my YouTube channel, Let's Talk IBD and my job as a nurse!


Ottsville, PA


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She has been championing ostomy users for a long time and giving us great information that comes from a person that has been there not just talks about it. She is great at communication and you can tell she cares about people  — Joe

Maggies videos are so informative and helpful. As a person that has been through this she can share ideas and products that really work because she has used them. Also, now as a nurse she can share even more knowledge what she shares is useful for many kinds of diseases not just ibd  — Joe


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