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In the summer of 1998, after carefully weighing all my options with my doctor, I was admitted to the hospital and at the hands of an excellent surgeon had a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy. My recovery was quite ordinary in many respects. But, as an avid internet junkee, I surfed the world wide web for any and all information I could get my hands on in order to learn all about my "new" body. Finding nothing, I decided to use my newly developed HTML skills along with my interest in hysterectomy patient support. When I put up HysterSisters in the summer of 1998, I wanted a way to connect women for support and sharing through a difficult process. Difficult decisions. Complicated recoveries. Happy recoveries. Hard recoveries. There was no other like it. Then. Or now. I'm proud of HysterSisters and it's far reaching success, providing support and information resources for women journeying through GYN medical issues. The success of HysterSisters.com isn't singularly mine. It is the result of 300,000+ members sharing their experiences in a safe environment with a volunteer staff of moderators facilitating the exchange of kind remarks and shared experiences. The women make a difference in each other's lives. I'm blessed to be able to be at the helm, watching it work - in this "woman to woman" website called HysterSisters.


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Lifetime Achievement

I've known Kathy for nearly 15 years and know firsthand just how dedicated and passionate she is about women's health issues. One need only look at her website, hystersisters.com, to see how many women she has been able to reach.  — Catherine

Kathy is an amazing women. She works tirelessly and enthusiastically in advocating for women and providing them with resources and support for understanding and dealing with hysterectomy and alternatives.  — Lisa

Kathy's site HysterSisters.com was an absolute blessing for me when I was told I had to have surgery. It gave me a place to go to ask questions and get support. Her work to provide information and resources to women so they can make knowledgeable decisions about their health is truly inspiring. Thank you Kathy!  — Germaine

For over 15 years, Kathy has devoted herself to keeping the HysterSisters.com women's support website free for all who need information & support regarding their gynecological health needs. She encourages the members to maintain a tone of kindness while they give back to the community to complete the circle of support that members are able to experience, and is always brainstorming to make the community better.  — Twyla

Kathy has done an incredible job supporting the hundred of thousands of women who have had a hysterectomy. She has created a spectacular online community that reaches out to women throughout the world. If you have a question that relates to hysterectomies or related issues, HysterSisters is the site to go to.  — Danielle


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