Bern Bingham

Patient Leader

Bern Bingham is the founder of Knock Out Endo, a company that strives to get women financial aid for excision surgery with endometriosis specialists and raise awareness for endometriosis. The company works to help women see specialists for this diesease. Knock Out Endo began and in 2013, and became incorporated in 2014. As a patient herself, she notes the need for help in this community of women and is determined to help as many women as possible.


Best in Show: Community or Forum Health Activist Hero Patient Leader Hero

Bern has an amazing motivation and drive to help women in the Endometriosis community. She reaches out to every woman in need and offers as much advice and support as she can. She educates everyone in everything she does and dedicates her entire life to endo awareness. She has an amazing dream for her organization and it is all happening!!!

Bern Bingham

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