Crista Anna Scott

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My name is Crista Scott and I am an Ultrarunner, writer and researcher in Sports Psychology. I recently wrote my Master's Thesis on the health benefits of trail & ultrarunning. I believe that being immersed in nature is a key component of a healthy and happy life. I am an advocate of returning to our primal heritage, both by spending more time in nature, but also through a healthy diet filled with healthy meats, fruits and vegetables. As a person who once suffered from anxiety and depression, I have found a plethora of health benefits from running long distance in nature. I believe that each person possesses the tools to create a meaningful life for themselves.


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Over the last five years, I have discovered the connection between the mind, body and spirit. I am a researcher in Positive Psychology, exploring the benefits of spirituality, flow, and an active lifestyle on happiness & well-being. I am writing a Paleo cookbook, am an Ultrarunner, and believe that living a healthy life starts from the inside out.  — Crista

Crista Anna Scott

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