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I have suffered from Lyme Disease since the early 1990's. I find it astonishing that in this day and age, and all around the world, that this disease is not only being ignored, but covered up. I try to turn my anger at the situation into activism to try to make a change in the world, for future generations. The ways I try to make a difference is by trying to provide a foundation for support for other Lyme sufferers. I run a Facebook page that is a support group for Lyme patients. I have a website called where I compile any and all information I can find regarding Lyme Disease, whether its tick borne research, local support groups, or news from around the world, Many of my friends are all advocates and we are planning on several protests and awareness events to try to teach the world about Lyme Disease. We want people aware of how fast it is spreading, how serious it is once you get, the lack of medical knowledge about it, and how it is a global problem. I am the US coordinator for the Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Protest (WWLDAP) and part of the planning committee for "The Mayday Project." One of the most important things to me is that other Lyme sufferers find others like themselves. With this disease you tend to lose family and friends and there is no support in the medical community, so by introducing them to others in the same boat, people can feel so not alone. They can discuss what they are going through with others who understand. They can network online in these online Lyme groups since most people with Lyme Disease are pretty much home bound. There is a huge suicide risk in the Lyme community. We all have lost many friends to it, so I have written many articles on Lyme and Suicide trying to get national attention for this cause.

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