Michael D.

Patient Leader

Our company, bozoomer is really about passion. I’m Michael and the founder of bozoomer. I love what I do because I have been blessed with a passion to help people to get a better understanding of being healthy and share my 25 plus years of experience working with Supplements. I have studied Anatomy, Physiology, researched Nutritional Healing, Nutritional References and Supplement reviews. Our focus efforts are the 40 and over health conscious group called Zoomers along with but not limited to, our baby boomers. My wife Lynda and I have two great young men, Anthony and Alec. Alec put together this focus group representing our largest population segment and came up with the name bozoomer


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Michael is a strong advocate for the general public and a wonderful educator regarding supplements and health issues. His warm personality and good humor encourage us to recognize the choices we are making and to become acquainted with healthy options. His website is educational and easily navigated and his unfailing optimism is contagious.  — Larry

Michael's commitment to health and wellness has impacted my life dramatically.  — Robert J.

Michael D.

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