Luke Adams

Patient Leader

A longtime progressive community activist, policy organizer, & health care advocate, as well as a long-term HIV survivor, Luke Adams has been advocating for the health & advancement of LBGTQ+ people, other marginalized groups, people living with HIV, people with substance use issues, & the public at large, for 37 years. Adams served as a Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies in the late 1980s, & co-founded New Pacific Academy. He has degrees in political communication, ministry, & psychology, holds numerous health specialization certificates & is a Certified Sexual Health Specialist, & has worked as a mental health provider in both public & private multidisciplinary settings.


San Francisco , CA


Health Activist Hero Patient Leader Hero

Luke Adams works tirelessly for the community as an advocate for the mental health of people living with HIV/AIDS. As a therapist, his work is at the intersections of HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ issues, sexual issues and trauma, addiction and substance abuse, and more. Few people with these areas of expertise are as compassionate and experienced as Luke.  — Ben

Luke Adams

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