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Kids Run Free's vision is that every child will be able to realise their potential through running. With the mission to create fun, sustainable running opportunities for 0-16 year olds, igniting their passion for sport and physical activity and allowing them to become healthier, happier, more confident children. We organise free running events for child in parks around the UK. These events are free and are organised in different race distances for different ages groups. 0-2 year olds run 50 metres, 3-4 run 100 metres, 5-6 run 250 metres, 7+ run 1k or more.


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Kids Run Free is a charity which aims to promote an active, heathy and happy lifestyle for children. We've been organising running events for local community in West Midland since 2011. We've made fantastic progress over 3500 youngsters registers already. We post event information on our website, social media and invite people to the events.  — KIDS

Kids Run Free is a charity which aims to promote an active, healthy and happy lifestyle for children. We believe children need to be encouraged to regularly take part in outdoors activities, so our events are designed to get kids up and running from an early age. We have a fantastic team to support the charity in various ways, with 50+ volunteers.


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