Sarah Rae

Patient Leader

Just a girl living the sick life, reinventing the way things are done, reaching heights most don't. Writer behind Living Life IBD Style. My war with Crohn's started at age 10. Since then i have went through many surgically battles, 14 actually but who is counting haha. At this time I have a permanent Ileostomy, Dismotility, Anxiety and Insomnia, Depression, just to name a few. I am a wrestler in training, Choreographer/dancer, Model. Inspiring Author. CNA, Waitress as well as patient advocate. This is just my so called life. Still unbroken.


Linwood, NC


Health Activist Hero Best in Show: Instagram Rookie of the Year Best Kept Secret

Definitely someone who is passionate and knowledgeable and it shows in the blog. Relatable on many levels. She has been through a lot and her story and writing should be acknowledge.  — Sarah Rae

After all this activist has been through, she deserves to be nominated for health activist hero.  — Sarah Rae

Still up and coming activist but definitely must read articles and stories. If anyone deserves best keep secret, it's her.  — Sarah Rae

I have know this girl for a long time and seen first hand, her struggles. Read everything she has wrote. She is someone to pay attention to.  — Sarah Rae

Love looking at her Instagram. A picture holds a thousand words and hers def tell a story.

Sarah Rae

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