Rachel Brummert- Quinolone Vigilance Foundation

Patient Leader

QVF: is a non-profit, charitable foundation made up of volunteer staff and we have ambassadors from many states and countries all over the world. We network medical professionals and researchers, and we fund vital research that will produce promising results in order to help find a cure for victims of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity. We also speak at conferences to help educate patients and the medical community about the dangers of fluoroquinolones, as well as support programs which will push for stricter Black Box warnings so that patients and doctors are informed of the risks. We're featured here: http://www.azcentral.com/videos/news/local/arizona/2014/11


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She is dedicated for the cause and very active. She is bringing a subject of quinolone toxicity to the public and cares about the health of all humans. She loves to educate and bring enlightenment to anyones who needs help. She has been my support person and therefore I have been able to cope with the adverse reactions I had to Cipro toxicity.  — Victoria Love

Rachel is QVFs Executive director . and no matter her failing health she continues to work at a speed that is phenomenal. helping other very sick victims of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity  — Donna

Rachel has fought tireless for numerous years, without any reimbursement of her time and efforts, to bring awareness to the medical establishement concerning the dangerous adverse reactions that some patients have to Fluoroquinolone antibiotics. She has been played a lead role in getting doctors to re-examine the use of these drugs.  — Julie

Rachel is hard working and a very determined. Once she has put her mind to it there is no stopping her till the job is done. Rachel is a very nice and compassionate person. She is always there to talk to or there just to listen.  — Stacy

Quinolone Vigilance Foundation is made up of board members, volunteer staff members, and ambassadors who represent us from all over the world who help patients in their states/countries find the resources they need. We work together to educate patients and medical professionals about the dangers of fluoroquinolone antibiotics.  — Rachel

Rachel Brummert is a hidden gem, a hero, and deserves to be put in the spotlight along with the foundation she is the director of. They are about advocacy, helping others, educating, and shining a spotlight on the real issue of quinolone toxicity. Now she deserves the spotlight! If you don't know her you should!  — Graciela

Rachel Brummert is a hidden gem and she deserves a spotlight on her and the foundation she is the director of. Rachel is about advocacy, pioneering, and shining a bright light on quinolone toxicity. Rachel is disabled but yet helps everyone. Rachel is a true leader and hero and now she deserves the spotlight and not be hidden!  — Graciela

In spite of being disabled from quinolones herself, Rachel is a voice for her family, friends, coworkers and many others. She helps victims in person and online.  — Megan

In spite of her disability from quinolones Rachel gives a voice to victims of quinolone toxicity. This is someone you want on your side fighting for you. The dedication she has is nothing short of inspiring.  — Rachel

As President & Executive Director of Quinolone Vigilance Foundation,and as someone who suffers from the adverse reactions fluoroquinolones , Rachel has coordinated events to educate the public and medical community on the life threatening effects of these drugs. She hostes fund raising events to fund research through the University of Rochester  — Lennie

Rachel Brummert- Quinolone Vigilance Foundation

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