Tami Caskey Brown

Patient Leader


Mishawaka, IN


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Tami works tirelessly behind-the-scenes, to advance awareness of Autoimmune Arthritis Diseases. She is a co-founder and officer of The International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis and a Reviewer/Moderator for PCORI. She goes unrecognized, but her work has had a huge, positive impact on the health community.  — Eric

Tami has gone out of her way to help so many people dealing with autoimmune issues and even set up a foundation to spread awareness and advocate for others (International Autoimmune Arthritis Movement).  — BlondeBlogger

I am nominating Tami Brown. She is a cofounder of the International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis.  — kelly

Works night and day to raise awareness of auto-immune arthritis, to show its differentiation of it form Oste-Arthritis and works her heart and soul out to help raise awareness for the importance of early detection.  — Elizabeth

Tami has had a big challenge in terms of her health this year. Throughout her hospitalizations and illness, she persevered to continue to provide education, awareness, and political activism for people living with autoimmune arthritis. Tami is a member of PCORI and a cofounder of the International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis.  — kelly

Tami has been through so much these past several years between her own health issues and caring for family members as well. She continues to amaze me with her perseverance, determination and dedication to continue to make a difference for all of us who battle an autoimmune arthritis disease. Thank you Tami!  — Therese

Tami has been advocating with IFAA since 2009, even though she is disabled. Even at times she has lost her eyesight due to inflammation, she keeps going, simply because she believes so much in helping others. She is co-creator of the Media Awareness Hotline, Co-Coordinator of World Autoimmune Arthritis Day, & is a regular reviewer for PCORI.  — Tiffany

Tami Caskey Brown

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