Colitis and Me

Patient Leader

I write a blog documenting my journey of living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 'Colitis and Me' was set up through the frustration of people not understanding the daily struggles of living with a life long illness such as Ulcerative Colitis. I now spend my free time blogging, fundraising, campaigning and advocating for both Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. Proud to claim I Co-founded of the highly successful #GetYourBellyOut awareness campaign that's lifting the lid on the often invisible and rarely spoken about topic of IBD on a global scale! I spend my free time documenting my journey in the hope of inspiring others to find their voice and way in the world.


Rookie of the Year Patient Leader Hero

I've seen Victoria Marie become such a strong voice for the IBD community over the last year, that I couldn't possibly think of another advocate as deserving as her. Her contributions to the #GetYourBellyOut campaign has brought about a shift in how people with IBD view themselves and their scars. She tirelessly works to help others in need.  — Eric

Victoria is an amazing advocate who - in the comparatively short time she's been online - has done a truly outstanding job of raising awareness about IBD. Blog, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and more, Victoria is a genuinely beautiful and caring soul that the global IBD community is lucky to have :-)  — Stephen

Colitis and Me

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