Mary Fran

Patient Leader

I write my blog, FrannyCakes, as a creative outlet. It started because I was living alone and always posting pictures of the dinners I was making. When I finally started to blog, I started connecting with others that had special eating requirements from food allergies, celiac and other medical conditions. As I healed, I found community and new friends. Plus, people let me make my Doctor Who and Star Trek references without judgement. I will continue to share my story and engage with my community so that we can share delicious food that fits our lives and help others see just how full life is when you are healthy, even if you do have to leave out certain foods.


Best Kept Secret


Geek Health Activist

She's perfectly fine talking web geek talk - but the best part is that she shares her designer knowledge to other bloggers! What's better than a geek that shares geekdom with others! She's helped a lot of people with their own websites, and she's prominent in the gluten-free and chronic pain condition blogging world. She rocks.  — Celiac

Mary Fran

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