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Hello - I'm Erica from Celiac and the Beast! I named this blog Celiac and the Beast because I’ve always loved Disney movies – and Belle was my favorite (don’t tell Ariel that). She was smart, kind, and looked past people’s appearances to what really mattered. Like Belle – I’ve learned to live with the Beast (the disease/wheat, etc.), but unlike Belle I will probably never learn to love it (hello Stockholm Syndrome much?). I love being an advocate for celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders - I even wrote a book about it!


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Erica and her book's efforts towards raising gluten free and celiac disease awareness is what has encouraged me to be the best advocate I can. With her humor, honesty, and inspiring words I've made the transformation from undiagnosed celiac to completely gluten free and choosing the healthiest options. (Funniest) Role model of the year!!  — kristian

She has a great sense of humor regarding GI issues but also is a great activist and advocate for Celiac Disease and food allergies. She helps those of us who struggle feel normal and make our daily health walk easier!  — Brandy

It's about being REAL - talking about the real issues that I deal with when talking about autoimmune diseases: celiac, hypermobility, pain, etc. So many people don't talk about the struggles, only the food around celiac disease, not with their daily battles to stay alive, positive, and healthy.  — Celiac

Using humor to get through celiac and other autoimmune disease.  — Celiac


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