Karen Cancilla - @GrowOh

Patient Leader

I was a single mom of 6 children, bedridden with misdiagnosed joint pain. The MDs couldn't help me so I helped myself. I'm healthy now because I eat organically. I wasn't a gardener when I started growing my own food in 2008, but with my GRO System I grow 100s of lbs of food in my Los Angeles backyard. Now I teach people to grow food and get healthy. It's my JOB!! How lucky am I? I've helped 100s of people grow food at home, schools, health facilities, rooftops, restaurant and other businesses! Even Maria Menounos, Tori Spelling, Tiffany Thiessen and other actors benefit from my GRO System and garden maintenace plans. Come GRO with me!!


Health Activist Hero Patient Leader Hero

Karen's passion is helping teach the importance of healthy living through demonstrating the benefits of growing one's own organic food.  — Lori

Karen Cancilla - @GrowOh

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