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Just because it's a bad day doesn't mean you have a bad life! Living with a chronic illness can be hard, but with a little support from #spoonie friends, inspiration and motivation to make lifestyle changes, you can live your best life! You deserve it! I'm a holistic health coach, living with an autoimmune disease (psoriatic arthritis), avascular necrosis (left knee), complex regional pain syndrome and have had depression, anxiety and melanoma in the past. Others helped me along my health care journey and now I feel honored to be able to give back.


Pittsburgh , PA


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I am so inspired and motivated daily by her instagram  — Natalie

She really shows everyone that they're not alone. She's so raw and open and won't sugar coat the truth. I love it because I feel like she's real and authentic and so informative!  — Natalie

Her twitter is an awesome mix of chronic illness, natural wellness, yoga and positivity! I always love looking at her timeline.  — Natalie

I would recommend any chronically ill patient follow itsjustabadday. From her awesome Pinterest page with so many awesome anti-inflammatory recipes to her motivational and positive Instagram - she's awesome. I love following her.  — Natalie

Juls writes in a tone that's so down to earth and real. She doesn't hold back and makes me feel like I'm not the only one battling these problems in the world.  — Emmy

It is easy to advocate, it is hard to advocate and develop friendships with everyone along the way. Julie wants friendships, that's what sets her above others!  — Alan

Julie has put her heart and soul into advocacy! She continues to inspire so many people to overcome their illnesses! Year after year she continues to be a leader in patient advocacy by showing us that our illnesses don't have to stop us from living life!

Her inspirational quotes are always exactly what I need! She is my favorite account to follow.  — Emmy

Julie is a super-advocate, she is involved in so much and helps so many people. She is an incredibly positive voice.

Love following her instagram account!  — Julie

She's fabulous!  — Kristen

I am nominating Julie Cerrone because she is constantly promoting advocacy for those suffering with chronic illnesses. Whether is be giving tips to help others be healthier and eat well, to calling out Airlines and big businesses for wrong treatment to those with disabilities. Julie will be a voice for all of us for years to come!  — Summer

Juls | It's Just A Bad Day

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