Desireè Hardge, MBA Vice President of Development for Don’t be a Chump! Check for a Lump!

Patient Leader


Tempe, AZ


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Advocating For Another

Holly Rose has facebooked her way through breast cancer, written a book "Live and Give: Facebooking my way through breast cancer", provides monthly breast exam reminders and valuable information as well as ongoing support and inspiration for the facebook and phoenix communities.  — Katherine

After surviving breast cancer, Holly Rose founded Don't be a Chump! Check for a Lump! The foundation provides breast health education, awareness programs to encourage breast self-exams and, through its Wig Out! program, free custom-fitted wigs to patients undergoing chemotherapy who could not otherwise afford wigs. She sends monthly reminders via Facebook, and uses Facebook postings as a publicly accessible breast health forum and breast cancer support forum.  — Kate

Not only is Holly and her organization strong supporters of all of the cancer support programs in our community big and small but the service she provides is uplifting and nesessary..Don't be a Chump! Check for a Lump! motivates women to perform self-breast exams. Their Wig Out program provides free custom wigs for breast cancer patient. Holly and her team are dedicated to motivating women to perform self-breast checks and to directly assisting women going through breast cancer treatment through our Wig Out program, that provides free custom wigs to breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.  — Jennifer

Holly Rose founded Don't be a Chump! Check for a Lump!, an organization dedicated to motivating women to perform breast self-exams and to have regular mammograms performed. The organization uses Facebook to send monthly reminders to thousands of women to "Don't be a Chump! Check for a Lump!" and also posts cancer prevention, nutrition and breast-health information.  — Kate

Holly has selflessly fought for the empowerment of woman fighting cancer. Holly's organization not only provides wigs free of charge to those in need but continuously educates our community on the importance of early detection! She works alongside other local non profits to create a much needed collaborative community!  — Jennifer

As a breast cancer survivor for nearly ten years, Holly Rose founder/CEO has been the driving force behind Don't be a Chump! Check for a Lump!, a local 501(c) 3 that has educated over 100,000 surrounding breast health, provided over 1200 new wigs to women undergoing chemotherapy treatment. and over 100 mammograms throughout the AZ communities.  — Desiree

Desire'e Hardge entered our one person breast cancer non-profit one year ago. In twelve months she has taken our non-profit to new heights. Her passion to educate women, young girls and men is admirable. Her positivity and tenacious spirit has propelled us to becoming a prominent figure in the breast cancer community and she is saving lives!  — Holly

Desireè Hardge, MBA Vice President of Development for Don’t be a Chump! Check for a Lump!

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