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Connecting with the amazing thyroid community and working with the non-profit organization ThyroidChange are beautiful gifts I have been given since being diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease in 2012. I love to hear about the healing path of others and share my own healing path, which requires a complete acceptance of my health situation and an acute awareness of how I feel on a daily basis. While this is oftentimes easier said than done, this focus keeps me pointed in the right direction, allowing me to regain my footing when I slip. We are all full of wisdom from our unique experiences and by sharing within our community, we can learn so much from each other.


Best Kept Secret

Mikelle, you are a best kept secret because I was so moved by the beauty of your blog, and you as a person. You lead by example by sharing your thyroid journey and healing through education, food and lifestyle changes on your blog. You encourage others to share there stories. I want others to know how special you are & what an impact you have made

Zen Thyroid

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