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Jenn "came out" about her bipolar disorder and postpartum psychosis earlier this year and has since been an inspiration of openness and advocacy for mental health.  — motherunadorned

They fight the stigma of mental illness through social media. This past May they continued fighting the stigma of mental illness by staging a theater presentation of essays, poems, and music by people living with mental illness. It was so popular not only are they doing it again in 2015 but two other cities are staging their own TIMB shows.  — Anita

I am nominating Jennifer Marshall because she and her organization have not only changed my life but THOUSANDS of others. She works tirelessly to take down the stigma surrounding mental illness...her goal is to END it. And I believe she will have a huge hand in it happening. Because of This Is My Brave I am Brave enough to fight through this.  — Danielle

This Is My Brave, Inc.

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