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Shreveport, LA


Rookie of the Year Health Activist Hero Best in Show: Blog Best in Show: Twitter Best Kept Secret

Amber puts in a great deal of hard work, effort, and research into any and everything she does. She is consistent and a true leader in the IBD community.  — Shawntel

Amber has been a great addition to the IBD community this year after recently documenting her journey fighting ulcerative colitis. Her blog, Colitis Ninja, takes visitors through the honest steps of living in a world full of positivity, even through the worst of times. Her positive, upbeat & caring personality truly makes her stand out.  — Kelly

Amber has been through so much in the past 3 years with fighting UC. As she learns more and more about this disease, she helps others become more aware of what it is and how to help. I knew almost nothing about Ulcerative Colitis until I read her blog and now I know much more about the effects of this scary and painful disease. Thanks Amber!  — Jenn

Super informative, supportive, and caring for others fighting the same disease. A great source of strong for those who need a little more.  — Jacklyn

Amber aka Colitis Ninja is an amazing advocate and artist. She spends hours not only blogging to help patients but also drawing her own infographics and any images used in her blog. It is an amazing blog to visit with wonderful information and she deserves this award.  — Aaron

The face behind Colitis Ninja is always woking hard towards her next sketch or informative piece. Not only does she create awareness, offer info and support but she tirelessly spends her time drawing the most incredible illustrations to support her posts.  — Shelley

Amazing activist for the IBD community.


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