Jane Colby FRSA

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Lifetime Achievement

I have had the pleasure of volunteering for Jane & the TYMES Trust for some years now and can attest to her continuing enduring commitment to fighting for the rights of children with ME. Jane has spent over 25 years running the TYMES Trust and her support for children with ME is unwavering. Her work is invaluable.  — Debbie

Jane Colby is an amazing lady, herself suffering from ME she works tirelessly to support children, young people & their families through the Tymes Trust charity who she is the Executive director of. Many of us families have been supported & given advice from health through to education. An invaluable charity, Jane has passion & really cares.  — sophie

Jane works tirelessly for the correct treatment of M.E. on behalf of children with M.E, their parents and the wider M.E. community, while running the charity Tymes Trust (run entirely by volunteers.)

Despite her own health improving significantly, Jane is an indefatigable campaigner for myalgic encephalomyelitis, particularly children/young people and their families. She works on a volunteer basis for the charity the Tymes Trust.  — Tom

Jane is the founder of Tymes Trust & works tirelessly for children affected with the multi systemic neuro immune disease Myalgic Encephalmyelitis & their families, despite having the disease herself.  — Claire

Jane Colby FRSA

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