Jane Colby FRSA

Patient Leader

As a school principal I developed severe ME from a polio-related virus (1985). An ME activist since 1991, I co-authored the largest ever study of ME (Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 1997) revealing ME as the biggest cause of long term school sickness absence. I was on the UK Chief Medical Officer's Working Group and my recommendations were in the Government's 2013 statutory guide for Local Authorities. At Tymes Trust (The Young ME Sufferers Trust) I'm voluntary Exec Director. My work is in medical and educational journals, at www.tymestrust.org and www.methenewplague.net. I've written two books, and I loved editing YOUNG HEARTS - inspirational poetry by children and young people with ME.


Patient Leader Hero

Despite her own health improving significantly, Jane is an indefatigable campaigner for myalgic encephalomyelitis, particularly children/young people and their families. She works on a volunteer basis for the charity the Tymes Trust.  — Tom

Jane is the founder of Tymes Trust & works tirelessly for children affected with the multi systemic neuro immune disease Myalgic Encephalmyelitis & their families, despite having the disease herself.  — Claire

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Jane Colby FRSA

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