Get Up and Get Moving

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I am all about family and love spending as much time with them as possible. My 2nd passion is bringing awareness to Type II diabetes. It is near and dear to my heart. Since being diagnosed I have lost 100 pounds. March 2007 is a special chapter in my life. It was the month my struggle to control my diabetes took on a whole new light. I was taken off all artificial means to control my diabetes. My diabetes is now under control through diet and exercise. With weight-loss and exercise, Type II Diabetes can be managed or prevented. My success at controlling my diabetes has led to a new found dedication and passion in educating others on ho


Boise, ID


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Jill to me is a great example. I personally was touched by her story many years ago. I have been able to meet her twice and she is the real deal. She has gone around the united states and has been a advocate for Diabetes. She having type 2 made her change. She personally has helped me change my lifestyle and I am sure she has help;ed many more  — Jenny

Great advocate She inspired me to lose weight and get my health under control.  — Jenny

Get Up and Get Moving

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