Zack Peter

Patient Leader

Zack Peter isn't just your average green-juice drinking millennial. As a writer, he has published a total of four books and currently holds a byline at POPSUGAR and Conscious Magazine. In between adaptogenic lattes, you can catch his signature wit and gift-of-gab on "#NoFilter with Zack Peter," a weekly iTunes podcast, or "Zack Attacks," his YouTube wellness series. He is also currently producing the forthcoming documentary, Sibling Warrior: Healing My Brother's Autism and work closely with Jenny McCarthy's organization, Generation Rescue. His heart pumps with a craving for self-improvement, the love of a job well-done, and a little too much coffee. @justplainzack


Hilarious Health Activist Advocating for Another Advocating For Another Hilarious Patient Leader
Zack Peter

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