April Wells

Patient Leader

In 2009 I found out that the reason I hurt is RA. First I completely and totally fell apart. I remember great aunts and their fingers and I was scared. But I refuse to let RA define me. I define myself. I have RA, it doesn't have me. I am a writer and a database administrator in a global company. My hands are my livelihood. But even when I'm hurting and feel broken, I know I will push through. People see the scary pictures of what RA can do. People need to understand that the people behind the scary pictures are just people and that the pictures aren't a forgone conclusion. My old life might be a figment of my imagination, but on my imagination I can build whole new tomorrows.


Best in Show: Blog

Because she has inspired me in so many ways that health issues shouldn't stand between you and a dream.  — Amandya

April Wells

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