Ms. Rants

Patient Leader

I'm stumbling through life with this thing called chronic illness and trying my best to figure it out as I go. I try hard to tell it like it is so that we can all find comfort and support from one another. I see the good things, and I appreciate them, but sometimes I need to rant about the bad, too. Sometimes I need to talk about the things we're told not to discuss. And sometimes that's the best medicine on a rough day. So I write about dating, money issues, stimgas, friends, doctors, insurance companies, symptoms and everything else I can think of. I hope my readers find comfort in my writing, because I sure find comfort in their comments.


Best in Show: Blog Health Activist Hero Patient Leader Hero

I learn lots from reading your blog, both about your illness, and how you cope with things, helps me understand my own better... love that we can share tips or advice on energy management for example.  — Jackie

Ms. Rants is a wonderful advocate for fair care for those with disabilities, despite the many health issues she struggles with herself. Not only does she strive to share the truth, but she has inspired me and many others to strive for what is right and needed.  — Tamara

Ms Rants regularly discusses health and disability, with people of influence (such as government officials), especially in regards to health acceptance and help available. She often updates her blog with the truth of what is happening, and she has inspired me and many others to take action.

Ms. Rants

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