Shakir Cannon

Patient Leader

Shakir Cannon is a Health Information Advocate and Co-Founder of the Minority Coalition for Precision Medicine (MCPM), an emerging organization dedicated to the disbursement of health information literacy through a parallel education and awareness strategy performed within minority populated regions as determine by US Census data. Shakir is also an internationally recognized Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) patient and advocate who helps educate & spread awareness for SCD both as a public speaker and social media thought leader. Resulting from his lifelong battle with an often debilitating and at times devastating disease, Shakir lives by the motto "Any Day Without Pain is a Good Day!"


Clifton Park, NY


Health Activist Hero Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Twitter

Shakir has shown consistent dedication to spreading awareness for Sickle Cell Disease. His knowledge and his passion on the subject has driven his success on Twitter.  — Shakir

Shakir Cannon

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