Patti Moonis

Patient Leader

Slaying giants. Raising awareness. Spreading blessings. Patti fights CML with the help of many. Walk with us. Laugh with us. Cry with us. Patti exists with CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia) and 7 teenagers - not sure which is worse.


Rookie of the Year Best in Show: Blog Patient Leader Hero

Diagnosed in Oct. of 2013 with CML, this mother of 7 children, wife to an 8th child (me) grab this new challenge by the throat. With her background in journalism, her sense of humor and love of storytelling (probably from telling countless stories to the kids) Patti makes the you feel like you are sitting in her living room sipping a cup of coffee.  — Mike

Since receiving her diagnosis, Patti has tried to raise support and awareness for CML. She is authentic in the way she communicates her struggles with this disease on her blog. We, her readers, are saddened by her set backs and rejoice in her triumphs. Patti fights hard and loves much. She inspires so many.  — Kirsten

Patti Moonis

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