Michele Rosenthal

Patient Leader

I learned a lot during my PTSD recovery. I learned about the importance of hope and belief – from inside myself and from those working with me. I also learned about the critical element of self-empowerment and how we can harness its strength and apply it to PTSD recovery. By the time I came out of the dark PTSD fog I’d learned a lot about what it takes to release the past, connect to the present, and build a new future. I’d also developed a really deep desire to help others with all that knowledge: I started blogging, trained as a certified professional coach, built the HealMyPTSD.com website, and launched a radio show and media campaign to raise awareness for PTSD diagnosis and recovery.


Health Activist Hero

Michele Rosenthal's "Heal my PTSD" website, is how I originally connected with her personal story & her encouraging posts or videos. A positive influencer & change catalyst who brings awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to the public. As a civilian survivor, she addresses issues in an uplifting way to help others on their healing journeys.  — Michele R

Michele Rosenthal

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