Frank Garufi Jr.

Patient Leader

My name is Frank Garufi Jr. and my 9 year old son, Domenic, has been battling Inflammatory Bowel Disease ( Crohn’s Disease ) since he was born. My mission is to make Inflammatory Bowel Disease a household name so that we can ease the suffering for my son and the five million people worldwide that suffer with it on a daily basis. I started The Crohn's Colitis Effect almost two years ago in order to raise awareness and educate the world about IBD. Through my website ( ), Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, I work to provide support for patients and help the world understand better what IBD patients go through. I also host a monthly internet show called The IBD Round Table Discussion. Together with Sara Ringer ( Inflamed and Untamed ), Christina Matthies ( Living Sick ), and Sarah Choueiry ( The Crohn's Journey Foundation ) we talk about topics and information that not only help those struggling with IBD on a daily basis, but also give those who wish to understand more about IBD a place to learn.


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Best in Show: Google+

Frank shows his love for his son by advocating for IBD. He hosts a round table on Google + with other IBD activists and really engages the community.  — Jeffrey

Frank is an amazing father to his son who suffers from IBD. Frank is also an amazing advocate for IBD patients.  — Daniel

Frank is the ONLY advocate in the Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis (IBD) community using Google + right now in such a huge way.  — Sara

As an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) advocate, Frank has made unparalleled use of the Google+ platform. His posts and IBD Round Table Discussion videos are original, insightful, informative, inspirational and always helpful. I cannot think of a more worthy nominee for the "Best in Show: Google+" award.  — Stephen

He uses multiple social tools (blogging, Google+ hangouts, tweets, etc.) to reach patients and offer useful information and support and brings it all back to his main blog, He is a passionate blogger with a heart for sharing his own family experiences and knowledge for the benefit of others. He deserves recognition.  — Kathi

Frank being such an outstanding advocate has a unique way of combining everyone within the IBD community, It is impossible to side step The Crohn's Colitis Effect for it has captured every social media platform known to mankind. His passion for change is inspiring and rubs off on everyone else. He leads the charge in raising outstanding awareness!  — Victoria

Frank is the host of a very informative IBD roundtable. It is educationtional for people who suffer from IBD, new and old alike. The group of panelists, who participate in the roundtable, either have a form of IBD, or are a caregiver, to someone who has it. It is a wonderful platform for all things IBD related.  — Margaret

Frank Garufi Jr.

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