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Hello all, and thank-you loads if you were one of the lovely peeps who voted for me, x Elle and the Auto Gnome is a place where I share information, tea, hugs and silliness. It's about finding the current information, research papers for doctors, and any useful links I find as well as writing a blog about different aspects of my health conditions, concepts on ways of working, things I manage to get up to despite the health stuff (like study, research and Tai Chi) and, of course, some silliness (because that's how I roll)! I have CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), Dysautonomia (autonomic dysfunction) and localised Hypermobility. I've been a CRPSer for 14+ years, have a background in psychology and have just completed my masters research degree which I spent researching CRPS to hopefully help my fellow patients further. My aims to help fellow patients are set high, I am using my research skills to trawl the medical journals and share useful research news on my blog's info' pages. I spend much of my functional time as an advocate and am looking forward to slowly working through writing the research papers that I have on the go. ('Slowly' because my brain falls over quite regularly with these conditions)! The weblog came into existence because much of the CRPS information more readily available on the internet is pretty terrible! There are some good sites, but the new patient has no way of knowing which is good and which is out of date. CRPS is usually described as a chronic pain condition (with info' varying on how up-to-date it is). It is actually an intractable pain condition affecting multiple systems in the body. Which means that there is a lot more to the condition than we are initially aware of, but fantastically useful understandings tend to peak way longer after diagnosis than we need for appropriate treatment. My Dysautonomia is part of my CRPS (in fact CRPS can be described as a form of Dysautonomia), as are the effects on my movements (via my compromised central nervous system), as are the neurological re-wiring problems and the neuropsychological deficits that I experience (like problems with word recall for example). CRPS also compromises the auto-immune system. Understanding that the condition affects multiple systems allows a much more pro-active treatment response because, instead of doctors prescribing us medications to control various symptoms, we can look at the overall picture which can result in things like taking fewer med’s which work for more than one aspect, seeing the links between symptoms or side effects that would otherwise be missed, and just overall have a broader, more holistic way of working. And because living with health issues is a bumpy old road, Elle and the Auto Gnome is not just about sharing information, it is also very much about finding the positives and helping each other,… as well as some laughter along the way :-D Thank-you to all my readers, you are wonderfully encouraging and inspirational, I am very glad to be of some use along your path. Big hugs as always, x


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Not only does Marie put every useful bit of information that she collects into her blog, she also acts as admin and on-line advocate for more than one Facebook group, constantly giving her own limited time and energy to help others.  — Rory

Elle and the Autognome is The Best resource for not only living with severe chronic pain and multiple disabilities and dysautonomias, but living happily despite these challenges.  — Lili

Not only does Marie (a.k.a. Elle) put in lots of efforet on her Wordpress Blog: - http://elleandtheautognome.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/an-informal-international-network-of-crps-patients/ and on her Facebook page, she is also an admin on other CRPS/Dysautonomia Facebook pages and is constantly there to advise and comfort and inform other people afflicted with this condition.  — Rory

She's a beautiful soul inside and out and a complete saviour. We both have CRPS extensively and wanted to give a big shout out to the wonder that is Marie Page aka Elle and the Autognome  — Princess

Afflicted with the hideously painful condition that is CRPS, the author always manages to tell the heartbreaking truth whilst introducing her wonderful humor throughout.  — Rory

Elle and the Auto Gnome

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