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While suffering from extreme Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Unable to take conventional meds I had to explore what was then called 'alternative' All that we now understand to be complementary (used with conventional treatments to reduce toxicities) were considered totally odd. And this included changing nutrition patterns, physical activity and stress reduction (more as well of course). In order to share the evidence I kept finding, I founded Annie Appleseed Project, an all-volunteer cancer nonprofit. We help everyone understand the evidence around complementary and so-called 'alternative' (AKA Holistic) therapies. We currently host an annual educational conference in West Palm Beach at the end of February. Everything we do except our conference, is free of charge. SEARCH our website for our Handouts that help with many issues that arise from cancer and treatment. I am now 26 years out from original diagnosis. In January of this year, on the exact date, I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. Some might say that it is in part, a result of the MCS and also the fact that my very first breast surgery in Jan 1993, caused lymphedema on the left side. One thing I can say for sure, not much is known about this cancer. I feel a need to ask penetrating questions whenever I attend a conference or cancer meeting. I am well-known for the questions I ask. Often (most often) presenters talk about their research by telling us ONLY about the benefits. The failure to discuss harms (adverse effects) is a real problem. There are so many issues with oncology that all of us need to keep asking penetrating questions. I know I will. More information about me can be found on our website.


Delray Beach, FL


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Just about every day of the year this organization posts health information. Their focus is on Natural cancer strategies and that's about 2/3 of the information placed daily on the Facebook page.  — Ann

Ann is someone who reaches out and has a way of making everyone feel welcome. She is someone who helps everyone. I mean everyone - patients, caregivers, families, nurses, doctors, researchers, non profits, companies! She has devoted her whole life and all her money and time to educating people on using integrative medicine.  — Sangeeta

For her amazing work and dedication on Cancer alternatives education and advocacy.  — Joe

Ann Fonfa has advocated for me during my breast cancer and mastectomy.. She has helped so many people I know who are dealing with cancer..Many of the people were given no hope for survival and are alive because of Ann Fonfa! My cancer was stage 3 and phase 3., I am a young single mother and Ann was a life saver.  — Lorianne

Anne Fonfa is always attending conferences and bringing that information to the public with her website and her facebook page.  — Terri

Ann is a tireless champion of wellness and nutrition, subjects ignored far too long in healthcare, particularly the cancer community. She hosts an annual forum, blogs constantly, and is there with advice for anyone with a question.  — Patricia

Annie Appleseed

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