Keiko Zoll

Patient Leader

Keiko Zoll is the Founder of The Infertility Voice™, her popular infertility blog and advocacy website. As a leading infertility and women’s health writer and advocate, Keiko has been named a Top 10 Online Influencer in the Infertility Community by ShareCare and she received the 2010 Hope Award for Best Viral Video from RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association for her short film, What IF: A Portrait of Infertility. She was also recognized as a Volunteer of the Year by RESOLVE New England. As a tireless advocate for both infertility-sensitive legislation and cultural empowerment for infertility patients, Keiko received a Health Impact Award in from


Salem, MA


Health Activist Hero Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero

Infertility changed not just my family building plans, but the way I live my life and the work I do. By helping and advocating for others like me, I helped heal myself. I believe our stories matter. Even though I've resolved my infertility, the needs of our community are many and no matter what, I remain a voice who will speak for those who can't.

Keiko Zoll

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