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Patient Leader

I'm Kathleen, an author and cat/human lover. I'm passionate about David Bowie and dressing like a pensioner. I also have Crohn's Disease, Arthritis and various other chronic illnesses. I blog about my life with them. I like to think my writing emphasises how I try my best to live a full life DESPITE my condition and maintain positive mental health. I use my blog, Facebook and Twitter to help others with the disease (or their loved ones) come to terms with living with IBD and other chronic illnesses in any way I can. My first book on living with Crohn's, 'Go Your Crohn Way' is available now! Laughter is one of my favourite medicines!


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Kathleen is informative and engaging and writes in a witty and human style that sheds light on a little understood disease.  — Michael

Truly inspiration beautiful woman. Would love to meet her one day and thank her for her amazing blog!  — Sam

Always enjoy reading Kath Fantastic's witty and often funny tales of her trouble with Chrons. Inspiring stuff!!  — Stephen

Really enjoy reading her witty and often funny tales about living with Chron's. Inspiring stuff!!  — Stephen

Kathleen's is so open ,passionate and selfless.It has been a true inspiration to follow her ups and downs and she has helped our family greatly with the recent diagnosis of chronic incurable disease (Crohn's disease) of our teenage son. She uses positive humour not self pity to share her life story and for that we nominate Kathleen.  — carolyn

Fab blog with relatable topic and a dash of humour. Perfect  — Joanna

She has an ability to be so humorous, loving and an amazing person without realising. Kaths blog allowed me to appreciate all that she is and what she has gone through and see a glimpse of it through her wonderful eyes. Inspiring.

She is incredibly authentic in sharing the travails of daily life with a chronic disease. She brings a lot of truly clever humor to the topic, yet it is informed by a genuine sense of the human condition (and she is not afraid to show her own!).  — Robin M.

Kathleen is an experienced blogger (hey, she wrote a book!) and I love the humour in her writing, taking often awkward situations (throwing up in a hoody hood on a bus) and making it accessable,whilst still being able to get across a serious point and raising awareness. I've only recently discovered her blog, but it is on my reading list!  — Richard

An inspiration to many, her blog gives those also facing a battle with Crohn's or Colitis a way to reach out and know that there are others just like themselves. Her blogs vary from upbeat and cheering, humorous to the words we think everyday but are too afraid to say. After meeting this young, inspirational woman myself she is truly deserving of such an award.  — Meg

Kathleen Nicholls (@kathfantastic)

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