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Geek Health Activist Best in Show: Twitter

This group has been a lifesaver for me many many times.  — Katryna

She's hella knowledgeable about everything Crohn's and Healthcare! A great person and a great advocate.  — Brady

Their facebook group has inspired hundreds of people with Chrons and Colitis to keep fighting and not give up. It is the alternative to CCFA that patients have been looking for for years; a close knit community of people caring for each other.  — Will

Throughout her own personal illnesses she gives of herself to assist others with their health issues.  — Ellen

apart from her being a reason i advocate, alison has been a role model for nearly anyone in the autoimmune & IBD community. she dedicates her time to lift others , speak up for themselves & supports others in every single social media platform. ive never heard her complain, only trek on encouraging & empowering others, living out her mission daily.

This ostomy group is a safe place to ask questions and receive support from its members. Someone is always willing to help you. The page is a vast wealth of information, and I have learned so much from this group.

I’m nominating Alison because she continually finds ways to share her story along with factual information to bring awareness and education. Her experience and perspective is invaluable to the patient and healthcare community!  — Angela

I'm nominating Ali because she is one of the biggest reasons I am in full remission of all symptoms relating to my Crohn's / Colitis. I'm not sure if I would have been able to beat this disease without her support and guidance.  — Brady


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