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I have had Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (PD) for 20+ years and use laughter and humor to treat myself and educate others about PD. I write a blog called Parkinson's Humor and also authored a book with the same title (available on Amazon.) I write and perform PD song parodies, even though I know I can't sing! I am an Ambassador for the Parkinson's & Movement Disorder Alliance. I lead a local PD support group with over 50 members and their care partners. I was instrumental in getting a Movement Disorder telemedicine clinic set up in my hometown, so we don't have to drive 200 miles to be seen by a PD specialist. I speak to medical school students and have spoken at big PD conferences. I LOVE speaking in public! I have been on Pharmaceutical Patient Advisory Boards and worked with several pharmaceutical marketing groups. I am very active on social media. I also write a separate blog just about my DBS surgery for PD.


Yuma, AZ


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As far as I'm able to tell, I'm one of a few of Bev's FB followers. Bev's wit and humor as well as genuine concern for people are two things that have helped me get through some tough days dealing with PD and prevented me from falling into self-pity, and I hope she gets some recognition for it from this.  — Scott

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Bev 'YumaBev' Ribaudo
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