Chris Dean

Patient Leader

I write at pixie.c.d. (formerly Life Your Way!) where I share acts of stupidity, life with adult Offspring, and the occasional useful bit of info on life with chronic illness. I live in Indiana with my amazingly tolerant Hubby (who swears he doesn't mind putting up with me), our four adult-kids, and the petting zoo of cats, dogs, chickens, Muscovy ducks, and geese I've systematically managed to turn our home and yard into. When not writing, you can find me avoiding laundry on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


North Ogilville, IN


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Hilarious Health Activist

She manages to take serious issues and turn them into light hearted fun stories. I nominate Chris for lighting up my life in her special way.  — Lorna

Chris is amazing and goes out of her way to bring laughter and honesty to her readers! My days are not the same without her blog!  — Kate

Chris is the real deal - she is totally authentic about all her health struggles but does so in a way that is totally funny, chaotic and also touching. This lady deserves a break in life, but her attitude is always upbeat even in the face of catastrophes that I will forever think of as being caused by "Dean's Law". She deserves this! <3  — Blackbird

Chris packs the unbeatable combination of the world's biggest heart and an outstanding sense of humor in the face of life with multiple chronic illnesses. She maintains an outstanding blog as well as her own Facebook and Twitter communities and she's a friend to all who need her including myself! Can't think of a better nominee for this award. I'm just happy to promote this gem of a special lady.

Not many people can take chronic pain and multiple diagnoses (physical and cognitive) and present them (and herself) to the world in such a light, laugh-out-loud manner. Not only does she entertain and educate but she does so without, for a second, drawing attention to her own pain. Her utterly unselfish and generous style is a gift to her readers.  — Michelle

Chris Dean

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