Chronic Illness Cat

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Chronic Illness Cat (Facebook Page) is a spin-off of the insanely popular meme created by the amazing Riley. Brought to Facebook by Jen, Chronic Illness Cat has blossomed into a rough around the edges community that uses sarcasm, satire and often low blows to cover topics from chronic insomnia to chronic pain and the numerous highs and lows of loss and life after illness. CIC allows over 11,000 members to grieve, to laugh, to rant and to feel heard -- all through the use of a cross-eyed Siamese on a blue background. Memes can be made on the generator at and appear on the Facebook & Wordpress pages during the week.


Best Kept Secret Hilarious Health Activist Best in Show: Facebook

Its The Best Community Dedicated To People Who Get Problems And Want To Get Some Fun With That  — Madalen

This community place has been going since September 2011 and is about to hit 10,000 likers. Truly an amazing resource for those learning about grief in their illness journeys and those wishing to meet new friends. A co-operative community that needs more exposure.

Chronic Illness Cat

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