Yvonne Desousa

Patient Leader

Using a giggle stick to beat up on MS, and now breast cancer, because giggles are good for you!


North Eastham, MA


Best in Show: Blog Hilarious Patient Leader


Hilarious Health Activist

Yvonne deSousa has dedicated herself to seeing the humor in her life as someone with MS -- a "sucky illness" that is "just so bizarre, you have to laugh to keep your sanity" (as she says on her website). The best example of this is the "Giggles" section of her site, where she invites others to share their own funny and ridiculous experiences.  — Bob

Like all natural comics with a bent towards the light-hearted, Yvonne sees hilarity where most would see the end of days. Like the gentlest seismic shift, she moves the earth beneath my feet only to plop me on firmer ground. I don't know how she does it, but somehow she makes me feel not quite so doomed.  — Kimberly

Yvonne Desousa

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