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I am a proud member of the MS Class of 1996 (dx'd in September). At My Odd Sock, my goal is to share some humor to others who may be going through difficult times. I write about humor-related issues of multiple sclerosis (Yes, there are many!) as well as humor pieces to liven a reader's weekend. Complimentary snacks & beverages are also served. Because I don't have large sums of money to donate to the MS cause, these goofy writings are my way of giving back to others AND myself (As it helps me cope with my own MS). Whether I make an MSer laugh, smile or call authorities to have me arrested, I want the reader to forget about their disease for a few moments.


Hilarious Health Activist


Hilarious Health Activist

My Odd Sock adds humor to an otherwise dull, depressing disease. It's time we made fun of our weak bladders, poor balance, fumble feet and vapid memory. My Odd Sock pokes fun at multiple sclerosis with a sarcastic edge, reminding those with "foot drop" not to venture into a dog park (messy shoes could evolve). We could all use a little humor!  — My

I try to enlighten those with MS with a humorous spin on life as an MSer. I also post a straight humor piece on the weekend--because life isn't all about MS!  — Doug

My Odd Sock

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