Stephanie Zimmerman

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At 44 years of age, I am a 36 years survivor of Ewing's Sarcoma and a 6 & 1/2 survivors of heart transplantation which was necessitated by the very radiation and chemotherapy that cured my childhood cancer. Prior to transplant, I was a PNP in late effects education. myHeart, yourHands (MHYH) is a passion project established by Judy Bode and myself in November 2011 with a 3-prong mission: 1) to educate & equip survivors, healthcare providers, and medical and nursing educators re: late effects of cancer treatment a short documentary film entitled Resilient 2) to execute educate & equip educational campaign using twitter as our primary platform 3) to promote organ donor registration


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What started as a personal story is now a mission. - Raise awareness regarding the potential LATE EFFECTS of cancer treatment[s] among survivors, healthcare providers, & the general population - Educate & equip survivors regarding late effects of cancer treatments - Fund late effects research aimed towards early detection & eventually prevention

Stephanie Zimmerman

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