Covers for Chemo, Inc.

Patient Leader

Being a Cancer patient, I have chose to pay it forward with my Charity: all comfort items are hand delivered to patients for their comfort through their Cancer Journey and its free, we are not a huge Charity paying out to employees, we are just a small few in 8 states who volunteer our time to help others. My Mission it to comfort all patients big and small. a Charity is about giving and so every dollar needs to go to the patients. Not a dime, not 50 cents. My love is my Family, Friends and my Animals, These are the ones by my side helping me through my own Journey. Not everyone is blessed to have the love I do and the support. I'll be a fighter until I die, I have lost loved ones with Cancer and my fight is for them as well as for me. My motto: "Give til' it hurts", It returns to you in life. Fill your heart with love, laughter,and happiness!


Health Activist Hero

She has been not only fighting cancer for 2 1/2 years, but while she has been sick is making it her mission to help others sharing this fight with her. She started a non profit called Covers For Chemo, where she donates blankets with sleeves and other items used to help make someone who's starting there own fight a bit less stressful.  — lindsay

She has created a non profit called that enables her to give to cancer patients comforting items . She never thinks of herself or rarely complains all while enduring the unfathomable.  — Laurie

Rhonda works tirelessly to raise cancer awareness. Even during her most difficult struggles with her own journey, she collects donations to purchase comfort kits that are donated to chemotherapy patients in many different states.  — Lori

Because even in her own daily struggles she wakes up everyday and helps others. She is my role idol..and my Life is a better one with her in it! She deserves any and all recognition for her selfless acts! I truly love this woman with all my heart!  — heather

Rhonda is a tireless advocate and a true hero. Currently journeying through her 36th round of chemo for colorectal cancer, Rhonda maintains a website called . Rhonda is a woman on a mission - She started her website as a means to document her journey and to help others. She collects "Snuggies" (Blankets with sleeves) and other necessary items and donates them to hospitals across the country for use in their chemo wings. It was a need she noticed while going through chemo herself. Rhonda's mission has grown to include distributors in many states. Her website has received over 26,000 hits. Rhonda has organized fund-raising events, and has spent countless dollars of her own money to buy these care packages. Through all of this, she has maintained her sense of humor and is there for anyone that needs her help. Please go to her website - see who she is. You will, no doubt, agree that she is a true hero.  — Lori

Covers for Chemo, Inc.

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