Khafre Kujichagulia Abif

Patient Leader

Khafre Kujichagulia Abif, MLS is an Atlanta-based HIV/AIDS, Bisexual, and Social Justice activist, writer, editor, blogger and artist who has been thriving with HIV for 29 years. Khafre now serves as a Community Organizer with the Southern AIDS Coalition,. Khafre has been honored the be selected as HIV Plus magazine one of 75 Most Amazing People Living with HIV in 2016 and by POZ magazine as one of The 2015 POZ 100: Celebrating Long-Term Survivors. Khafre is the editor of the anthologies, “Cornbread, Fish and Collard Greens: Prayers, Poems & Affirmations for People Living with HIV/AIDS”, a 2013 publication from AuthorHouse, and Sistah’s Speak AuthorHouse 2017.


Atlanta, GA


Lifetime Achievement Best in Show: Community

Khafre Kujichagulia Abif, MLS, is a Community Organizer for the Southern AIDS Coalition. Both online and offline, Khafre is a dedicated activist who changes lives through his community work and health policy advocacy to decrease HIV stigma and mental health stigma as well as the intersecting stigmas of biphobia, homophobia, transphobia, and racism.  — Lauren

Past Awards Participation

Second Annual Health Activist Awards


Best Kept Secret
Khafre Kujichagulia Abif

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