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I often say that good health is a 24/7 lifetime project! In 2003 I was in an auto accident that triggered Celiac Disease and Chronic Pain. Since then I have learned what it takes to become the healthiest "me" I can be. I researched information about food and the diseases. I started to write a blog as a landing place to organize my thoughts. I realized that my natural instinct to nurture and care for others was the perfect recipe to create a blog. I started my blog - Gluten-Free Foodies, in 2009 as therapy for me to distract myself from my daily Chronic Pain. I now realized that my blog and participation on social media is a great resource to offer others in similar situations. I want people to feel connected and not alone. Luckily for me I love to chat and write so I am able to connect with my readers on a more personal level. I have learned many ways over the years to manage my Celiac Disease and Chronic Pain by my experiences and research. Connecting with others and being creative is great therapy. The bonus for me is that I love creating and making healthy Gluten-Free recipes. I share my recipes and product reviews so that others don't feel overwhelmed when they are diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which requires a lifetime strict adherence to a Gluten-Free diet. Additionally over the years I have also realized the stress and expense that having chronic health conditions can have on you and your budget. I realized that our Food Banks and the public needed to be educated about Gluten-Free food so I started Gluten-Free pantries within the WA state Food Banks. I have held Gluten-Free food drives, donated my time to educate others about Celiac Disease and how to create economical meal plans. I have given presentations to various groups within the food banks and food industry as to the importance of offering specialty diet foods. I encourage specialty diet donations monthly via social media. Although somedays my body may not be strong, I know my passion and voice is. If anything I do can be used to help guide others along the way, then my purpose is fulfilled.

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Lisa - Gluten-Free Foodies

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