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She has been called the Rosa Parks of health care. Her story is incredible, and she one of my heroes. Earlier this year I took her class on social media and activism, and I learned so much from her.  — Andrea

As a freelance blogger with an interest in healthcare, patients & innovation (since 2005), Regina Holliday strikes me as the most successful individual in the endeavor to be a game-changer and seen as such by anyone who thinks they deserve better health care. Combining art, leadership & medicine, she is placing the future of medicine in our hands.  — Catherine

Regina has been a non-stop advocate for patients' health data rights. Her Walking Gallery Project and painting at medical meetings around the world, spreading the message of patient empowerment, has grown and Regina is making a big difference in C-suites and on the ground with people.  — Jane

Regina is a passionate Health Activist Hero like like no other! Her work is where art, medicine, social media & pop-culture collide and create a patient voice in health information technology. Regina is a part the movement known as participatory medicine, where the patient is a partner with their provider and where they work together as a team.  —

Regina is not only the founder of the Walking Gallery, but tirelessly travels to raise awareness, educate, and insure that patients' voices are heard loud and clear.  — Chris

Regina started "The Walking Gallery of Healthcare" where she began painting jackets to use art as a catalyst for advocacy and help people share their healthcare story. Cinderblocks, a healthcare conference she began just held their fourth gathering that merged art, social media and storytelling to inspire and motivate the healthcare community.  — Amanda

Regina is amazingly articulate, knowledgeable, passionate and inspiring. She's grounded in real life but literally paints pictures with word and paint to show the future and what is really possible for our health.  — Catherine

Through the Walking Gallery Regina has revolutionized health care activism and the recognition of the patient voice. Her persistence to change health care for all is astounding and inspiring. More impressive is how she cares for each patient she meets, the personal connection she develops, which furthers her efforts and grows a community of advocates.  — Erin

Regina's passion and commitment to data access, patient inclusion and the improvement of our health care system are unparalleled. She's an incredible talent and a unique voice. When Regina decides to get something done, it happens. And she gets there with a grace and kindness that makes you feel honored to be part of the plan.  — Ann

Everything about Regina and what she does is amazing. Her story is amazing. Her artwork is amazing. The way she supports others by sharing their stories through her art is amazing. The way she's changing the world and the healthcare system to better serve people is nothing short of amazing.  — Kelli


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