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This site is an inspiration and has great support tools for those of us with invisible illnesses.  — Nancy

The owner tells a story of "The Soon Theory" in which you allow yourself so many spoons to accomplish tasks. When you have used all your spoons, it is time to rest. That's it in a nutshell.  — Vern

Christine's "Spoon Theory" is the BEST at trying to tell others about their illness. They deserve this because they help so many people like me!!  — Dianne

Christine asks great questions, offering her own wisdom while also encouraging others to share theirs.  — Carla

Help spread the word , how we can all feel when 'we don't look sick ' in the traditional sense.

I've known Christine since 2005 when i found BYDLS & the Spoon Theory. I've supported, assisted her ever since. The Spoon Theory was written in 2003 and i know it touches someone new every day. No one else has found a way to translate how we feel to those that just don't understand. She's continues to fight Lupus and fund raise for it.  — linda

Since 2003, The Spoon Theory has touched those with chronic illness every day. It helps their loved ones understand what they go thru. The Spoonies find comfort, hope and kinship in the one really awful thing that has happened to them - Chronic illness. They look to her for comfort, & she looks to them when she's suffering. The Spoons never fail.  — linda

She's done so much for the Lupus community, bringing awareness to the illness while fighting it herself.  — Shanelle

Christine is one of the hardest working women to help others with chronic illnesses. Even when she isn't feeling well she is still always trying to help others. She tries to be the voice for those who don't have one. She has over 120k followers on Facebook and has coined the worldwide term "spoonie" in reference to those with chronic illnesses.  — jennifer

I have watched Christine over the years and am at awe at this wonderful soul.Despite all she has been through, hospitalizations, the loss of her child. She does not leave her online communities. Answering questions, reaching through media you know she is your cheerleader. It feels as though she is everyone's friend and is there no matter what. <3  — Ivonne

Christine has single handily help me with my chronic illness issues. Her advice, attitude and optimistic style are one of a kind. I appreciate her so much.  — Lisa

As author of the spoon theory and founder of the website and the But you don't look sick foundation she is a shining example and inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people world wide. She has helped countless people with chronic illness and their families cope with their disease.  — Edward

She's courageous to share her story to help others.  — Kerrin


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