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Over the past five years, Paul Antico - the father of five children, three of whom have food allergies - has evolved from a successful fund manager at Fidelity Investments to a passionate, outspoken food allergy advocate. He's tireless champion for more food allergy training and better food allergy protocols within the restaurant industry.  — Adrienne

In 2010, Paul Antico created an online restaurant guide for the food allergy community. People, all over the U.S., were invited to rate restaurants based on how well they could accommodate food allergies. AllergyEats has grown to include an app, a guide to DisneyWorld restaurants, a blog, and Facebook forums where food-allergic diners can connect.  — Jesse

Paul is the father of 5 children, 3 of whom who have food allergies. He created an app/website to help people find U.S. restaurants that could accommodate their allergies. He speaks at events to educate restaurants about food allergy best practices. His work has fostered a massive online community that helps each other find places to go or avoid.  — Jesse

AllergyEats is a forum where food-allergic diners can find and rate restaurants based on their ability to accommodate food allergies. Bad, good or in-between, people rate U.S. restaurants and leave comments on an app/website to help others. Raters' profiles list their allergies so people can make dining decisions based on those similar to them.

Paul has an AllergyEats page with food allergy information, mostly related to dining out, but in mid-2015, he set-up Dining Out with Food Allergies, a group where members can exchange information about restaurants, attractions, vacation destinations, etc. 13K (and growing!) enthusiastic members discuss restaurants, menus, item ingredients and more!

Paul Antico

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