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Best in Show: Facebook Health Activist Hero

Lisa has been fighting tirelessly on behalf of individuals with eating disorders who have been unjustly denied access to care by insurance companies. Eating disorders kill. We are facing a major public health crisis, and Lisa is the only attorney and advocate in this country who has made it her life's mission to hold major insurance companies responsible for refusing to take responsibility (fiscal, moral and otherwise) for their policy holders' care. She works tirelessly, traveling from city to city, sacrificing her own family time and often sense of monetary gain (working not on an hourly basis but instead on contingency), and fervently puts energy and resources into finding long term residential and inpatient treatment for people who would otherwise very certainly die. She sits on multiple boards, lobbies congress on behalf of eating disorder policy change, argues regularly in front of the ninth circuit court, lectures nationally on clinical insurance competency, and finds time to visit with clients.  — Dr. Jaye

Lisa represents people denied health benefits for treatment of physical and mental illnesses. She litigates denials of insurance coverage for residential treatment of eating disorders. Lisa is one of the few attorneys in the country specializing in this type of law and has become a strong voice for those who are unable to fight for themselves.  — Lisa


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