Kelly Wahle

Patient Leader

For many years I wrote for my blog, Fly With Hope, mainly on my journey with disabling daily chronic Migraine disease until I developed Meniere's & others. As my cognitive deficits affected my ability to write, I tried video & in Fall 2016, I created two YouTube channels: First, a vlog called Wahle Warriors, where I candidly share the day to day life of myself and my chronically ill husband. I share a raw look at our challenges with living with chronic illnesses & with our pursuit to rise above, live fully & live with joy. On my channel, Chronic Illness Reality, my video content helps patients discover they are not alone on their chronic illness journeys and that there is support and hope.


Hoffman Estates, IL

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First Annual Health Activist Awards


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Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Best Kept Secret
Kelly Wahle

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