Rebecca Kaplan

Patient Leader

I am a wife, daughter, sister, friend, and healthcare advocate. Nearly all of my loved ones have been touched by chronic illnesses during their lives, from cancer to Crohn's disease to lupus to depression, anxiety, and panic. Their experiences - and my own - fuel my passion as a healthcare advocate to speak out on their behalf, raise awareness, and help educate others about what it's like having a chronic disease.


Port Chester, NY


Geek Health Activist Advocating for Another Best in Show: Twitter Best in Show: Community

Rebecca is an amazing advocate for her husband who lives with Crohn's disease. What's more is that Rebecca really goes beyond advocated for her husband to also support the entire Inflammatory Bowel Disease community. She is a strong voice for many who do not have one.  — Stephanie

Rebecca works very hard at helping to advocate and educate people on IBD... You can feel her love for her husband ( who has Crohn's Disease ) with each blog post, Take Steps, and IBD Event she does.  — Frank

In Rebecca's blog she advocates for her husband who was diagnosed with Crohn's disease just one month after they started dating.  — Sara

Rebecca works hard behind the scenes as the Social Media Manager for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation. She gives a voice to those of us who struggle to express and put a face on our struggles with inflammatory bowel disease. She is innovative, thoughtful and goes above and beyond to share the efforts of patient leaders, patients and caregivers.  — Tina

I find out about the variety of IBD chats taking place on Twitter through Rebecca herself! She does an excellent job seeking & promoting engagement w/ relavent communities & uses Twitter as a platform to connect individuals, healthcare corporations, etc while also sharing a variety of her own journalist work. She is a "must" for every Twitter feed!  — Kenzie

Rebecca Kaplan

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